About the Author KaLynne

Kalynne was introduced to her fascination with alcohol in college, where she earned her BA in English. She is a lover of craft beer, and travels to as many breweries as she can. She has traveled all over the United States, meeting new people and trying new things before taking on the world, in search of the best beer she can find. She is living her dream, traveling the world and becoming the best beer connoisseur she can be.

In her spare time, Kalynne dabbles with learning all she can about wine, spirits, and various liquors, looking for the story behind the booze, which only enrich her experience.

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Stop Wining and Breathe

When is the last time you actually had time to let your wine breathe? If you don’t remember, it’s fine, because neither do I. We are told to let wine breathe before consuming, but after popping that cork, it’s difficult to resist a taste — or a bottle (no judgement). …

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Scotland’s Finest Scotch Whisky

Much like the Queen, The Macallan needs no introduction. This single malt scotch whisky has created a name for itself, and it’s a name we respect. Filling oak casts with only 16% of the spirit stills’ distillation, The Macallan is incredibly selective, providing its consumers with only the best of …

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Stay Smart, Drink Beer

There’s no better feeling out there than that moment when someone calls you smart. They see past your outward appearance and look into your mind instead. Intelligence is hard to come by in a lot of ways, so we’ve started finding it outside of books, and implementing it elsewhere. Like …

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