Believe it or not, fig leaves have more to offer than just their modesty and protection for the private parts of those who are missing underpants – they have properties that can help people with diabetes, bronchitis, and various other diseases. But apart from all that, the fig leaf has its own exquisite aromas and flavors that make for a deliciously pure liqueur; and it’s made evident through Audemus Covert Liqueur. The fig leaves in this alcoholic beverage are harvested in the Cognac region of France, left to roast naturally in the warm sun, and delicately roasted by hand. If that didn’t sound pleasant enough, it’s then transformed into a bright and clean liquor after adding cane sugar and spring honey.

The aroma of honey lingers around this fragrant liqueur- in contrast to the tongue, which softly teases a bitter, yet florally sweet palate. Jammed figs, grilled almonds, and rye are all present on the tongue. A hint of tobacco is also present, giving that extra kick that’s morally desired with each sip. This perfumed liqueur is pleasant to both the nose and the tongue-perfect served as a digestif – neat or on ice.

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