If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or something a little boozy to sip after a dinner with friends, look no further than Alexander Platinum Grappa Amarone. Bottled appropriately for its name, the spirit comes in a platinum bottle and stands out as something for a special occasion.

Grappa is crafted with amarone, which is a full-bodied wine hailing from the Valpolicella region of Verona, Italy, that has been aged in oak barrels for at least two years and utilizes the remnants of grapes, stems, and seeds from other wine-making. Alexander Platinum takes this wine and distills it in steam alembics before moving it to stainless-steel tanks where the spirit is refined to its final form as an 84 proof spirit.

With aromatic notes of roses and a floral bouquet, Alexander Platinum moves into a sweet palate of raisin and persimmon on the tongue, and finishes with a smooth earthy tone, hinting at toffee and almond. This grappa can be served alone in a tall, narrow, open-mouthed glass ideal for small tastings after a dinner, or can be integrated into cocktails of your choice to carry on the excitement and conversation of an evening with friends.