If you’re looking for an incredibly drinkable IPA with a world of flavor, there’s no need to search the galaxy far and wide. Atom Brewing in Hull, UK has crafted up a mind bogglingly delicious Session IPA that, at 4.2 ABV and with a star-studded collection of hops, pretty much sells itself. Branded as a beer for every occasion, this spacetastic session is light, drinkable, and refreshing with a developed citrus flavor. Not to mention it includes an atomic combination of citra, cascade, centennial, columbus and chinnok hops.

The extra pale malt has added body from oats and creates a creamy mouth feel. From the can it pours a clear, pale gold with a thin head. The Quantum State is easy to drink and, unlike other session IPA’s, has plenty of hoppy flavor. It goes down crisp and clean with the citra hops shining through, delivering a floral, fruity finish. All around, this is the perfect brew to enjoy no matter the occasion, it’s got the science to back it up!