​Alter Ego Cider opens a taphouse today at 2025 SE 7th Avenue in Portland’s Central Eastside neighborhood. The taphouse serves ​seasonal and local ciders, beer and wine​, and is now open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday.

Alter Ego Cider is a small-batch, artisanal cidery owned and operated by winemakers. Co-Owners ​Anne Hubatch and ​Kevin Bates and Cidermaker ​Robert Lauer work together to produce food-friendly ciders using distinctly wine-like techniques for greater capture of aromas, depth, and texture. Each cider is made from Pacific Northwest-grown apples, with two flagship offerings—The Brut and The Guardian Angel—as well as seasonal ciders highlighting flavors such as strawberry, black currant, and lime.

“The taphouse will serve as a space for us to share our ​flagship ciders and smaller, experimental batches​, in addition to some exciting ​collaborations with other local makers​,” says Alter Ego Founder Anne Hubatch. “The vision for this taphouse has been in the works since we ​first launched Alter Ego five years ago​, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition.”

The comfortable taphouse seats 18, with minimalist design elements that combine modern with rustic, including a zinc bar and cherry wood wainscoting. Outdoor seating is also available, accommodating another 30 guests. Adjoining the taphouse is the cider production space and Helioterra Wines, Hubatch’s winery.

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