Do you feel the temperature rising? Well, after this article you’re sure going to be sweating and racing to faucet for a glass of water. Just the mere thought of this stuff making contact with your tongue will have you panting. As you read on, keep in mind nothing good will come from this. Comprised from simply pure wheat spirit and Naga Jolokia chilies, 500,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka has no chill and is approximately 200 times hotter than Tabasco and requires special packing to keep people out. But should you dare to conquer the heat, you should know these chilies were used as a key ingredient by Indian armed forces in their chili-based tear gas grenades. The “Hot Enough” Vodka Company is world renowned for being the hottest; even their mild chili version packs a punch. Appropriately labeled with a deranged and morphed skull reminiscent of the devil himself, you might want to consider your safety before even daring to tackle the heat.