What is light, chilled, and ideal for summer sipping? White wine, of course. Specifically, we’re looking at the Albariño produced in Rías Baixas—an area known for their white wine. Over 99% of wine produced from Rías Baixas is white and with slight microclimate differences and grape varieties within the five sub-zones, a delightful diversity of flavors is grown. The most popular grape varietal, think 96% of all plantings across all five sub-zones, is the Albariño.

Albariño makes the perfect summer varietal choice simply because it pairs beautifully with another summer favorite: seafood. Grapes grown in an Atlantic Coastal region are just born to compliment seafood. Though, Albariño is versatile enough for plenty of food options and if you’re in need of opinions, you can check out an extensive pairing list designed specifically for this special varietal. From vine to wine is always a process and no part should be missed. The care and consideration going into prepping Albariño for bottling ensure quality flavors every time. Distinguished with a favorable crisp profiles, Albariño is traditionally blended with Treixadura to balance out the final product. Don’t let summer speed by without a taste of Albariño wines.

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