Black Magic Beverages are exclusively brewed in Seattle, Washington, specializing in canned and bottled cocktails. Half-Seas has created three new conveniently packaged cocktails that are filled with fun deliciousness. Bring these ready-to-drink cocktails to parties and get-togethers for a tasty mess free beverage.
The three new flavors are everyone’s favorites Bramble, Daiquiri, and Paloma. These are created with high quality premium ingredients, distilled spirits and pure cane sugar. The combination of great ingredients and carbonated bubbles make a refreshing enjoyable drink. The Bramble is an English classic from London containing dry gin, sweet berries, and tart citrus flavors. The Daiquiri transports the drinker to a tropical beach with sweet rum, energizing lime, and sugar and a sparkling taste. The Paloma, also known as the margarita, has tequila in it, providing all the fun and the grapefruit soda giving it the Half-Seas twist. Each can has approximately 12% alc/vol in 200ml cans that are close to cocktails purchased at a bar. The cocktails may be in cans but that does not compromise the quality and taste at all.