Every wine comes from family.  Family is the vineyard itself: the clusters of grapes that have grown, now grow, and will continue to grow as time goes on.  But family also includes the hard-working people who cultivate the vines, who make the wine, and take the first sip.  Belonging to AXA Millésismes since 1993, Quinta do Noval, a vineyard in the Douro Valley of Portugal, values their history in equal measure to their unrivaled craft.  For managing director, Christian, Seely, “The name Quinta do Noval evokes for [him] above all a place. A magical place, an historic place.”

There is a sense of community at the heart of this three hundred-year-old vineyard.   Quinta do Noval’s 2008 Vintage is the perfect wine to enjoy with your family. The precipitation was lower than average with below-average temperatures to boot and the berries were smaller by comparison.  But the balanced maturity present in the grapes is simply a wonder to taste!  This full-bodied red captures the story of the Douro valley with its fine, silky tannins, intense fruit flavors and subtle hints of dark chocolate and spice.  The new release is now welcomed into the legendary Quinta Do Noval Vintage line, which was officially first declared in 1931.  It becomes a part of the grand story and the magic that started it all, so that you can enjoy it with your family in a glass half full.