In today’s bustling world, it’s important to stop and enjoy yourself every now and again. There is one delectable indulgence worth pausing for, and that’s Matias Riccitelli’s Old Vines Merlot 2015. This deeply textured, intense red wine is enough to make you forget all about your daily woes, focusing your direction on the heavenly taste it presents.

The source of this Merlot comes from the forgotten vines of the rediscovered vineyard situated along the Rio Negro’s riverside in Patagonia. Through intense daytime sun exposure, and cool, breezy nights, these 50-year old vines produced flavorful, concentrated berries that were harvested at peak levels of maturity. Small concrete vats homed these berries, combined with native yeasts that aided the fermentation process to perfection.

A layered blend of wild dark fruits encapsulates the elegant aroma of Riccitelli’s Merlot. Layered with delicate hints of spice, vanilla, and chocolate, this rich and smooth wine is topped with a generously long finish.

Best enjoyed with grilled meats and hard cheese.

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