The Distillerie des Alpes has a recipe for you. Actually, it has many, many recipes for you. Each recipe presents brilliant tasting ideas for how to enjoy the distillery’s remarkable selections of Vermouth—a Vermonade, a Mauresque Maï Taï, an Alpine Bellini, and more—all exceptionally produced in the small French town of Chambéry. Recipes are only one part of the company’s dedication to creativity and traditional craftsmanship, originally led by the founder, Philibert Routin in 1883.  Philibert’s passion for engineering aromatic elixirs and vermouths had long established the distillery’s legacy in Chambéry. That legacy continues to be cherished in 2018, as the distillery is one of just two Vermouth producers in Chambéry, and also one of the few French companies exporting Vermouth to the US via Seattle’s Back Bar Project.

Three new releases bring new recipes to the distillery’s table. The premier, Original Rouge, after being aged in oak barrels for six months, burnished in color, and floral at first taste, makes a superb Mezcal Negroni. The second, Routin Blanc, is unaged and presents a palate of citrus and soft fruits, ideal for a Peruana. The third and final release, the Routin Dry, can be mixed into a one-of-a-kind Savoie Cooler. Unaged like the Blanc, it has an elegant finish that measures well against the strong flavors of rose and lemon. Each bottle of Vermouth is made after macerating quality botanicals and balancing them with French Sauvignon Blanc. Each bottle of Vermouth is carefully crafted. And each bottle of Vermouth Routin has a recipe, maybe even two, so you have the opportunity, the pleasure to discover what’s best for you.