Immensely popular yet intriguingly complex, Mosaic hops bring a powerful trifecta of contributions to the completion of a well-balanced brew: bittering, flavor, and aroma. Austin-based brewery Hops and Grain proudly showcases the multi-talented nature of Mosaic hops in their new American IPA, A Pale Mosaic.

The life of A Pale Mosaic begins with a base blend of German Pale Ale and Vienna malts, to which Oregon-grown hops are added to reach optimal bitterness of around 50 IBU’s. The finalization of the process is dry-hopping with Simcoe, Nugget, and the all-star Mosaic hops, resulting in a pleasantly bitter, nuanced IPA that’s rich in flavors of blueberry, grapefruit, earthy pine, and tropical fruit.

A Pale Mosaic pours a vibrant golden color and bright, juicy flavors are at the forefront, making it easy to drink despite the layer of bracing bitterness—definitely a mosaic of flavors on the palate. Hops and Grain is also a brewery whose product you can feel good imbibing—they’ve got an admirable sustainability policy which has them donating a percentage of profits to local environmental non-profits and even recycling their spent grain into “Brew Biscuits”, treats for our furry friends. Like its beer, Hops and Grain Brewery is balancing the bitter with the sweet.

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