A sexton – a person who looks after a church and churchyard, sometimes acting as bell-ringer and formerly as a gravedigger. What does this have to do with whiskey you ask? Well pull up a chair and get ready for a ghost story…Or just pour yourself a glass of Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey and create your own.

This single malt from the Irish Isle was inspired by a long tradition of distilling on the north coast of Ireland and is crafted by one of the only female blenders in the county. Classified as an “old school” recipe of only 3 ingredients – Irish barley, water, and yeast, though this whiskey might seem simple, it’s a far cry from the traditional. Triple distilled in copper pot stills, this whiskey is then aged for 4 years in Oloroso sherry butts. This deliciously dark malt is then captured in a black hexagon bottle, adorned with a top hatted skeleton cameo. The back of the bottle details some truly ghoulish images of fresh graves and cool misty mornings, leaving you ready to uncork and enjoy the balance of rich dried fruits, notes of oak and deadly smooth finish. Can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or six feet under.


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