FAIR Vodka is not only the first vodka to be creating using Quinoa, but it also the first to be produced using Fair Trade certified ingredients. Their company believes in treating all people fairly by treating everyone involved in the process of making their vodka equally. Their vision has taken them around the world to source some of the finest ingredients for their top of the line spirits. Each ingredient is shipped directly to the famous region of Cognac in France, where master brewer and distiller, Philip Laclie has perfected his skills to produce an incredible line of FAIR spirits.

The Quinoa used to produce this vodka is cultivated by over 1,200 small producers in the Bolivian Altiplano, assembled within the Anapqui cooperative, the main connection of farming producers in the country. Cream, cake, and smooth custard come to mind when tasting the fine FAIR Vodka. This vodka is perfect on its own or in a cocktail. Winning three gold medals, and being awarded Best Vodka in 2009 and 2012, FAIR. Vodka is a true prize to have on your shelf!


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