Excellent hospitality, sustainability, and purity. Can you ask for anything more? The family owned and operated Joseph Phelps Vineyards in Napa Valley and on the western Sonoma Coast displays those three qualities to the highest level. Promoting a healthy environment through various ethical practices- from the welfare of the soil and surrounding environment, to the estate-growth of the grapes, the Joseph Phelps Vineyards portrays how truly excellent they are in every aspect of the word.

Joseph Phelps Vineyard is committed to the long-term vitality of not only the people in the winemaking family, but the farmland and community in which they live. They have implicated a plethora of programs and steps toward designing healthy soils, vines, and plants to ensure the sustainability and purity of their practice. A few examples of this include: composting grape skins and stems from harvest, the installation of solar panels, and the natural enhancement of biodiversity through hundreds of olive and fruit trees. The vineyard also keeps bees on the ranch to promote health of the harvest, as well as homes chickens to increase animal life and provide natural fertilizer. Their grapes are 100% estate grown, every action taken from grape to bottle is overseen with outstanding care.

By appointment, Joseph Phelps Vineyard offers wine tasting 7 days a week. Insignia blending is also an opportunity on the vineyard, as well as food and wine pairing events and interactive wine aroma challenges.

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