“It’s five-o-clock somewhere.”—A sentence we’ve all heard and used as an excuse to begin drinking festivities at any point of the day or night.

During the workday, all our eyes anxiously slide over to the clock as the second hand stumbles along allowing the minute hand to slowly push forward the hour hand. Lap after lap, the hands all finally align on the “5” giving you your much anticipated cue to pack up your belongings and head out the door.

Now you can have a watch that only tells you when it’s five. The Ish keeps you from stealing those glances at the teasing clock hands by frosting over the glass with a small window over the “5”. The intention being to give consumers an approximate time telling device that is clearest when it’s time to grab that beer from the fridge you left chilling overnight. Choose from three color schemes and strap your happy hour wingman to your wrist.


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