FEW offers two distinct gins in their line of spirits. All spirits are distilled with the finest grains, aged just the right amount, and bottled under FEW’s roof. They remain at the distillery until distribution—this is clearly a place that takes the utmost pride in their products. But, back to the gins.

FEW’s three-time award winning American Gin “tastes like triumph with a hint of juniper.” Upon first sip, you’ll also notice the touches of lemon peel and warm vanilla finishing with a snippet of juniper—a perfect trio of flavors for any gin-calling cocktail.

Another award-winning gin for FEW, their Barrel Gin is “the Midas touch of oak and time” and is barrel-aged to taste like gin with the maturity of bourbon. Let your tongue be embraced by the first notes of fennel and peppery spices before dissolving into the finishing touches of the smoky smoothness, created from the charred barrel, of the juniper. FEW does it again with a perfect combination of flavors to add to any cocktail.

FEW will leave you wanting more.

American Gin $39.99 //  £62.56
Barrel Gin $39.99 //  £62.56

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