With the much anticipated HBO series returning to our screens in just mere weeks, the world is once again getting excited to dragons, death, sex scenes and the occasional, what are we kidding, highly frequent, nudity. Ommegang did what any kind-hearted brewery would do and decided to come up with their very on Game of Thrones beer. So what does this mean, for you exactly? Well, in short, it means you can now watch your favorite TV show while simultaneously drinking like a god damn King (or Queen).

Take your throne, arm yourself with this deviously delightful beverage and enjoy.



Ommegang, Game of Thrones, Fire & Blood

Beer: Red Ale Ommegang,
Location: Cooperstown New York.
Alcohol ABV%: 6.8%

Ghoulish coagulated blood red color, with grilled boar, ground up sword, spicy fired pepper & heirloom grains  to round out this red wonder   A perfect gift for a dragon’s birthday! 93 pts