In home storage for large wine collections has never been easier thanks to Miele. This 178 bottle capacity unit (model KWT 6833 SG) boasts the looks and the accommodating amenities to keep each bottle ready for sipping. No need for multiple space-hoarding fridges; with three separate temperature-controlled areas within the conditioning unit, store all your popular varietals at their desired temperatures. No one likes his or her wine served too warm or too cold.

The unit offers further protection with its UV coated door, Active AirClean filters, and FlexiFrame system to ensure your collection is safe from harm and in top notch condition. For additional organization, each rack can be labeled and personalized with magnetic strips that have been coated with blackboard paint. Keep track of every bottle. Next time you tell your guests to choose the bottle, your carefully labeled conditioning unit will safely direct them. They won’t be lead astray.

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