Looking for an introduction to whisky and don’t know where to turn?  How about Tristan Stephenson, author of one of the best whisky books of the last five years and part of the team behind Black Rock, London’s most innovative whisky bar?  He’s certainly a man who knows his way around a malt bill.

Lucky then that Stephenson and long-time collaborator Thomas Aske have just launched Whisky Me, a subscription club that promises to remove the stuffiness and provide an introduction to the best whiskies available to the UK market.

For just £7.95 a month (or £7 a month if you pay by the year), they’ll send you a 50ml squeezy pouch of a high quality whisky and just enough information for you to impress your friends with without turning you into the red-nosed whisky bore of your nightmares.

Stephenson explained that the idea behind the business was “to share what we get excited about”, so you can tell we’re talking about rare or exclusive samples from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.  And if its enough to excite experts like Aske and Stephenson, then you can be sure it will excite you when it drops through your letterbox each month.

There are plans afoot to distribute a series of rewards for subscribers when the community reaches major membership milestones, so our advice is to sign up now, and begin your whisky journey without even leaving the house.

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