A beautiful whisky is often decades in the making. For years, it matures, extracting sweetness and color from its barrel over every passing day. After finally arriving in the glass, the whisky’s slow journey should continue, its flavors being savored one sip at a time. Teroforma’s Whisky For Two gift set ensures the drinker can do just that.

The gift set includes two elegant crystal tumblers and six incredibly cool whisky stones for chilling the drink. Whisky aficionados can relax as there is no need to gulp the spirit in a race against unwanted dilution further down the glass. These stones, made from soapstone milled in Vermont, can chill a drink in a matter of minutes. Best of all, the stones are non-porous and won’t bring unwanted flavors or aromas to the drink, making them a clear winner over the difficult and lengthy process of creating professional-grade ice at home. While this set is chic, its design ensures that the whisky ultimately takes center stage.