Twenty-seven years ago I was born in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Three months after birth, my parents moved back to the states and I haven’t returned to my verdant homeland. When I eventually return I’ll be sure to visit West Cork Distillers, located along the southwestern coast in Skibereen.

The independent distillery recently announced plans for two limited-release products; Black Reserve and Barrel Proof. The Black Reserve will offer a woody, spicy flavor, accented with a hint of vanilla. The Barrel Proof will taste similar to those trail mixes that don’t contain chocolate; dried fruits and malty almonds.

Thanks to West Cork’s Double Charred Bourbon Casks, Black Reserve registers at 86 Proof. The Barrel Proof will grow some leprechaun hair on your chest at 124 Proof. West Cork plans to send 4,800 bottles of both the Black Reserve and Barrel Proof to the United States.
By my calculation, that equates to 9,600 bottles of Irish Whiskey to be drunk. “Drunk,” as in, the future passive form of “drink.” Not “I need 9,600 bottles of whiskey in order to be drunk.”

Though I was born in Dublin, I don’t have that high of a tolerance.

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