Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. announces its latest novel barrel-finished, pure copper pot-distilled American Brandy limited release, Way Up West. 

The brandy is five years old, with 30 months of maturation in award-winning American single malt whiskey barrels following 30 months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The varietal blend is Copper & Kings’ “Alliance Blend” of classic brandy grapes — Muscat, Chenin Blanc and French Colombard. As with all Copper & Kings’ American Brandy, the spirit is non chill-filtered, nor adulterated with boisé or caramel color. 

“How far can American Brandy travel?” asks Copper & Kings Founder Joe Heron. “Well, way, way up West I guess,” says a grinning Heron. “This is a damn fine glass of liquid gold. The lushness of the Pacific Northwest meets the swagger of Kentucky, and crashes quite forcefully into the dimension of exceptional American single malt whiskey. Another adventure and another illustration that you can’t fence Copper & Kings in. This is really, very special American Brandy — a thoughtful expression of fruit distillate, a departure, an adventure, and well worth the trip, and back.”

Master Distiller Brandon O’Daniel describes Way Up West as, “Quite lean and spicy for a brandy, and nicely dry and crisp with just an echo of peat. It has a nice smack of light smoke, a little whiskey like salinity and a touch of salted caramel. And then that long brandy finish. This is just delicious on the rocks, or with a little cold water to open it up and let it bloom.”

Copper & Kings Creative Director Ron Jasin says, “The unique artwork from Justin Kamerer as AngryBlue is a return to a more whimsical illustrated style for us. It has a detail that is very well worth exploring as you savor your drink. There is a story hidden within the art and within the copy. It’s another little adventure for the curious drinker.”