The afternoon sunlight filtering through your crystal barware tosses colorful reflections of violet, lime, warm garnet, and azure standing out in bold against white linen. Clean, contemporary lines are the dominant esthetic here, along with a bright rainbow of unabashed color. In short, this is not your grandmother’s Waterford.

Waterford’s unique Mixology Collection was designed by crystal pro Matt Kehoe, a 20-year veteran with Waterford who, at 21, joined the company’s design team straight out of design school. In recent years Kehoe, at 40, was named Waterford’s youngest Design Director ever, and he brings a fresh outlook and contemporary design style to the esteemed crystal artistry that’s made Waterford a household name for hundreds of years.

The Mixology Collection is comprised of a coolly eclectic assortment of graceful champagne coupes, sparkling tumblers and shot glasses, and stunning, centerpiece-worthy decanters, all designed to coordinate and complement one another, not just “match”. Your cocktail parties just gained a beautiful rainbow sparkle even Grandma would be helpless to resist.

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