Elysian: of, relating to, or characteristic of heaven or paradise. The word stems from the Elysian fields of Greek mythology, a utopian paradise reserved for heroes after death. Synonyms include heavenly, paradisiacal, and divine.

The Elysian Collection, then, seems an appropriate agnomen for British designer Jo Sampson’s sublime collection of amethyst and clear cut crystal with gold-gilded accents for Waterford. Crafted with impeccable attention to every delicate line, curve, indentation, and even seemingly imperceptible detail, the crystalware of the Elysian Collection will capture attention along with every ray of light it spectacularly refracts.

From the subtle elegance of delicately formed champagne flutes to the stately opulence of a dramatically contrasting amethyst and clear crystal caviar server, Sampson’s Elysian Collection is filled with striking focal points and lavish old-world glamor. Although “heavenly” might be a stretch when describing a brandy snifter or gilded ice bucket, this exquisite collection could easily elevate a dinner table from utilitarian to “Elysian”.

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