Do you like the taste of your favorite beer so much that you wish to incorporate it more in your daily routine, though I’m sure you crack one open most evenings. There’s beer in bread, ice cream, and sauces just to name a few. But, what about beer in an anytime, anywhere classic baked good (I’m talking about cookies)?

Well, now all you need to do is add beer and presto you have cookies! Maybe not that simple, but Firebox has made it as simple as possible to obtain deliciously enticing beer cookies. You’ll probably eat the whole batch. Simply add beer to the included ingredients in the Make Your Own Beer Cookies kit (dark chocolate cookie mix and a bottle of Five Points Railway Porter). Firebox suggests this chocolaty tipple but feel free to add your own bottle. All you need to supply is a bit of butter and a baking tray. Then pop those bad boys in the oven. Let the salviatory meltdown commence.

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