Offices in the boroughs are a little more caffeinated lately.

That’s because New York City-based startup Wandering Bear Coffee has carved out a business model around trendy cold brew coffee: delivering it to offices.

Cold brew coffee requires prep and wait time that most workers can’t afford during a busy day at the office, when caffeine was needed… five minutes ago. Yet the benefits of cold brew preparation—less acidity and more flavor—make this coffee more desirable than the lukewarm stale, burnt coffee dispensed from the meeting room vats.

For New York City offices wanting good coffee without the hassle, Wandering Bear delivers cold brew in eco-friendly boxes. This coffee is as a good as your favorite corner café too. That’s because Wandering Bear steeps freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee in cold water for 18 hours to ensure that the beverage you dispense into your office cup is bold and strong—right when you need it the most.