VinNatur is an association of natural wine producers that was created in 2006. VinNatur unites winemakers around the world that aim to preserve the individuality of wine, defend the integrity of their land, and respect their history and heritage. They do this by creating natural wines that are produced using zero pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. To toast these winemakers’ accomplishments, VinNatur is hosting a two-day natural wine tasting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The tasting in Copenhagen will take place May 28th and 29th and will give the public the opportunity to taste natural wines from several European countries. It also gives individuals the opportunity to come face-to-face with over 70 European winemakers to learn all about natural wines directly from those who produce it. The natural wines will be coming from different regions and vineyards in countries like Spain, France, Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovenia. Guests of the tasting will be whisked away by all the vibrant cultures and the history, heritage, tradition, and personality found in each individual glass. Perhaps what makes the experience even more unique is knowing that every bottle has been artfully crafted free of the chemicals, technology, and industrialization we have all grown accustomed to. VinNatur invites you to Copenhagen to celebrate a new era of natural wines.

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