When tattoo artist Adam Jackson designed the playful logo on the bottles of Suerte Anejo Tequila, he did so elaborating upon the Aztec mythology that inspired the brand’s originators. Suerte means “luck”, and the rabbit on the bottle is certainly emblazoned with a myriad of fortuitous symbols from aces and stars to its own “removable” lucky rabbit foot. The rabbit itself is derived from the Aztec legend of 400 rabbits which describes a wild night where goddess of the agave plant (and fertility) Mayahuel and god Patecatl consummate their attraction, resulting in the birth of the Centzon Totochtin—four hundred rabbits. Nursed on pulque (the fermented sap of the agave) from Mayahuel’s many breasts, the 400 rabbits grow into fun-loving Gods of Drunkenness. And you thought your childhood was rambunctious nourished on milk and cookies…Let Suerte’s Anejo unleash your inner rabbit god-a mascot of playfulness, good fortune, and divinity. Best savored in its most elemental form, unadorned by distracting accoutrements like ice cubes or limes. Crafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave and aged for two years in American oak whiskey barrels, this full-bodied anejo is a symphony of flavors from bitter dark chocolate to raspberry to fresh mint. Inner drunken rabbit gods rejoice.

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