It’s a bit like diving into a fizzy pool of lemon juice, orange juice, and passion fruit juice. We mean, it’s juicy. Emboldened by a 6.8% ABV you may emerge from the pool feeling a little bit woozy, but fear not, for this deliciously bold IPA is meant to be savored, not chugged.

Brewed in Massachusetts by the Treehouse Brewing Company, one sip of the dripping-with-citrus Julius American IPA and you’ll ascertain the origins of the name. But it’s not the Julius you sipped in your local mall’s food court as a teenager whilst scoping Bum Equipment-clad babes. This is an elevated Julius, a hop-driven brew that brings a pleasantly subtle bitterness to interplay with the lush tropical fruits so pronounced in the first gulp, ahem, we mean sip. The color is a hazy tangerine, the mouthfeel is satisfyingly creamy, and the flavor, dripping with citrus and tropical juices with hints of heady pineapple and mango, is classic American IPA boldness. If you insist on smuggling a can into the mall to sip between the Sbarro and the Au Bon Pain, at least put it in something nondescript. Enjoy a new Julius for your grown-up self.


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