Where vodka stops, gin is born. Did you know gin begins its journey as vodka? At this point in the distilling process, juniper—the main and key ingredient separating gin from vodka—along with any combination of a vast number of botanicals are added and the resulting beverage is indeed gin. Fascinating stuff, am I right?

With so many of you out there favoring vodka, it’s hard to imagine gin striking fear into the heart of those seeking a cocktail. Gin, alongside with tequila, are projected to be some of the two more intimidating spirits, which I personally can attest to as neither are on my “favorites” list. Granted, gin is known for its strong juniper and piney notes, but when toned down and complimented with the right combination of botanicals, gin easily becomes one of the most versatile options out there.

Noticing the lack of citrus and spice forward gins, Distillery No. 209 crafted a gin for both those who enjoy a traditional gin and for those who wish to expand beyond their vodka-favored palates. They chose to incorporate selectively chosen Italian juniper berries with a carefully balanced and proportioned list of other enticing botanicals to bring you a more subtle and approachable juniper flavor. Now, go forth and conquer your fear, No. 209 makes it easy to fall in love with gin.