When you have kids, you feel like you can’t enjoy going out as you will have to take care of kids and you will not get any time to spend together.  The satisfying news is that there are some romantic places where you can go with your kids but still can get a good time to spend with your life partner. Wine farms or the wine lands are one of such places where you and your family can spend a quality time. You can go for a family picnic there in these wine lands, or you can spend an entertaining weekend here. Now, below we are going to tell you about five worth visiting wine farms in South Africa for your family.

1.    Spier

Spier is an award-winning wine farm because it provides a full fun pack for every age group. Spier Wine Estate is a complete family wine farm. There is the bunch of activities that you can try during your visit here. No matter what is your age, you will have a memorable day here. Here you can get a chance to taste three types of grape juices, and for kids, there are animals as well. Some rare spices of birds and eagles are also there. The only bad thing is that your pets are not allowed in Spier Wine Estate.

2.    Fair View

More than wine farm, Fair View Wine Estate is a dairy farm. Here you will find different breeds of cows and goats. You will be able to taste amazing dairy products here, and cheese is their specialty. You will love the fresh cheese they produce with the fresh milk of the cow. For kids, there’s an entertaining thing, i.e., the Goat Tower where goats run to climb a tower. It’s a fascinating scene to watch. Normally pets are not allowed in the Fair View, but if you show them the ESA letter, then they may allow your ESA certified pet inside the Fair View.

3.    Warwick

Warwick is most love picnic spot for most of the families living in Stellenbosch. It’s a perfect family picnic spot as here you will find a jungle gym where your kids can enjoy while you can spend time with your life partner by keeping an eye on your playing kids as well. Other recreational options include the fountain, paddling pools, and games for the kids. Warwick is not just a wine farm but a park as well. Parents having ESA letter are allowed to take their pets inside the Warwick Wine Estate.

4.    Spice Route

Whenever you go there in Spice Route Wine Farm, you will find that the day was too small to enjoy. There are loads of options to entertain yourself and your family in Spice Route Wine Farm. You can send your kids to taste amazing fresh juices and the chocolates while you can enjoy beer, fresh wine,and meats of various kinds. There are restaurants as well within the Spice Route Wine Farm. No pets are allowed even if you have an authentic ESA letter.

5.    Villiera Wines

Villiera Wines is another family wine farm in Stellenbosch. It’s a perfect place for the parents, but for kids the only attraction is animals. There’s another thing that you can enjoy which is amazingly thrilling two hours drive in the nearby nature reserve. Here you might be able to see animals like Black Wildebeest, Giraffe, Kudu, Zebra, Eland, Springbuck and many more.