So you’ve been wondering what are the worlds strongest, and potentially deadliest booze?

We are here to help. These five could potentially kill you. Do not attempt to drink them neat, unless your name is Keith Richards. If it is, go ahead and have a snifter-full.

Navimer Pur Vodka    Navimer Pur Vodka drink me

At 96% abv, it is the strongest, commercially available, spirit in the world. This French cousin of the vodka family is a pure spirit that is bold and assertive. Whatever you do, don’t text your ex after imbibing.

Karkus Spirytus VodkaKarkus Spirytus Vodka drink me

Sharing the over 90% honors is the Polish version of the Navimer vodka. With its potent 95% abv it’s predominantly used in cocktails and infusions. Proving its versatility, it has also been used in baked goods, and occasionally, for medicinal purposes.

Everclear VodkaEverclear vodka strongest spirit in the world drink me

Everclear Grain Vodka ranges between 75.5% and 95% abv. The higher alcohol version is illegal in California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Ohio and Washington. You get the idea.

Knockeen Hills Whey WhiskeyKnockeen Hills Whey Whiskey drink me

Another 90% champion, Knockeen Hills is quadruple-distilled. Unlike the Vodka’s on this list (which don’t boast much in a way of flavor profile) this spirit has unquestionable notes of deep black pepper if your palate can discern them after the initial shock of alcohol. You may even distinguish some fruit notes to celebrate your tongue’s survival.

Absinthe Hapsburg HardcoreAbsinthe Hapsburg Hardcore drink me

Anything named “hardcore” has to be awesome. You will be writing florid poetry and painting abstract landscapes, should you choose to indulge in this absinthe’s potent combination of wormwood (a reputed hallucinogen) and high alcohol content. Absinthe, or “Green Fairy,” has a well-earned scandalous reputation for its key role in inebriating the bohemian crowds. Add 90% abv and your inner artist may just make an appearance.