From rye to bourbon, a real whiskey lover should understand the golden goodness that brings a sparkle to their glass.

The number of whiskey lovers is multiplying each passing day. And why not? The exquisite aroma, taste and texture of premium whiskeys have a magnetic pull that keeps the tipplers hooked to the refined taste offered. It is a drink like no other – synonymous to sophistication worn by James Bond, whiskey demands appreciation and a call for another glass. George Bernard Shaw mused that, “Whiskey is Liquid Sunshine” and we can’t help but agree.

The popularity has increased a lot of competition, and there has emerged a lot many premium whiskey brands that are equally intimidating. Here is a list of top whisky brands that will help you pick the right pour for your glass and budget.


Made of rare scotch, finest Indian Malts and premium grain spirit, Antiquity is the true blue of whiskies and India’s finest. Justifying its first position, this whiskey is distilled in copper pot stills, mellowed and matured in white oak casks.

Officer’s Choice

Manufactured by Allied Blenders & Distillers, our second premium whiskey on the list is made of fine grains and has a strong presence in over 18 countries. So, if someone is looking for an easy weekend sipper on the rocks, Officer’s Choice will never fail to please. This smooth whiskey with a finely balanced malt blend is available across India in packs of 2-litre, 750 ml, 500 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml & 90 ml.


Fairly new in the market, Rockdove is the latest addition to the premium whiskey genre and has already started making its mark in the whiskey world and the top shelf liquor category. Manufactured by Hermes Distillery, it offers flavours that are both sophisticated and unforgettable. The colour, aroma and fine aftertaste of Rockdove from Hermes Distillery make it the perfect weekend partner, while the high standard manufacturing has made it rank amongst the top whiskey brands in India in relatively less time than others.

Director’s Special

Offering a rich and mature taste, Director’s special is a fine result of hand-picked malt and barley. Manufactured by United Spirits Ltd., it is one of the favourite Indian whiskies with a smooth taste complemented by a rich aroma. It makes a solid match with ice and a splash of chilled soda and is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve ever had.

McDowell’s No.1

Manufactured by United Spirits Ltd., McDowell’s No. 1 is a fine blend of imported Scotch, premium grain spirits and select Indian malts. Apart from India, this whiskey is also sold in many countries including Japan, Canada, South Africa and more. On the rocks is the best way to enjoy the exquisite taste of McDowell’s No.1.

Imperial Blue

Seagram’s Imperial Blue offers exquisite smoothness owing to the fine blend of imported scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. The aroma is slight leafy and woody fruity with a touch of wood smoke while the taste is light bodied and rounded. The mouthfeel of Imperial Blue is smooth with a touch of smoke, and the aftertaste is pleasant.

Royal Challenge

Blended with the finest scotch and Indian malts matured in charred American oak casks, Royal Challenge is a deep and intensely smooth whiskey. The fine aftertaste and smoothness make it one of the largest selling premium whiskey brands in India. Furthermore, owing to its blend par excellence, this whiskey also has its fair share of awards.


Available in two variants – Bagpiper and Bagpiper Gold, Bagpiper whiskey is known for its smooth woody character and light malty aroma. The tagline – “Khoob Jamega Rang” and the Bagpiper Sardar have a strong recall while making it one of the best premium whiskies in India.


These brands are making a mark in premium whiskey sector and offer whiskey lovers the fine taste and smoothness they all crave for. Whichever the choice is, these brands never fail to impress the taste buds.