Often times, barrels and batches of bourbon are used as components of larger blends, being watered down, pulled too early, or left too long. At Barrell Crafts Spirits, their goal is to find and select great tasting, top of the line spirit. Every single batch of bourbon and whiskey they produce is a limited release and has an intentionally distinct flavor profile. They take pride in producing, preserving, and presenting the finest spirits to people who enjoy them the most.

To commemorate the New Year, Barrell Crafts Spirits created one special blend- Barrell Bourbon New Year 2017 Limited Edition. They combined 5-13 year old barrels from several different states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and distilled and aged the bourbon using various techniques. Filled with aromas of fire, smoke, sea salt, walnut liqueur, and citrus oils. This warm bourbon will literally have you toasting to 2017!

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