The white, chalky Albariza clay soil crusts over like a loaf of bread during the hot Spanish summer, but the Jerez vineyards thrive in this hostile environment, producing the unique taste defined by the region that Tio Pepe calls home. The Uncle (Tio) that originally created the first bottles of this unique sherry would be proud of the company’s current head winemaker, Antonio Flores, not just for winning IWC Fortified Winemaker of the Year, but also for keeping true to the history and character of the Palomino Fino grapes that give Tio Pepe wines their nutty, yeasty, briny flavors.

Each sip of Tio Pepe en Rama is as “Wild and Alive” as it creator touts. The live yeast flavor grows as the sip lingers, highlighted by a bright citrus nose and a sea breeze finish that paints a picture of the Spanish landscape on the palate. With a carefully selected, original label gracing the bottles of each years’ harvest, Tio Pepe gives its fans a whole package to look forward to with every new release.

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