This is quite possibly one of the coolest things that’s ever happened. On this planet, at least.

Who would’ve thought that glassware could be this fun? A wine glass that looks like a planet and stands alone, tilted perfectly upon its gleaming, stemless axis? Yes, please. All of them.

These beauties are made in the USA, but these swiveling, yet sturdy glasses are actually out of this world. To infinity and beyond! If stemless is a trend, this is an all-out fashion statement. The best hosts know that a subtle party trick never goes out of style.

Designer Christopher Yamane made darn sure that these glasses could tilt, but never spill. Spin them around and they don’t fall down. In the end, these glasses may be the only thing at the party that won’t be a little tipsy. It’s the perfect gift for a wine lover who also happens to love the stars, the moon, the planets…or just a plain, old good time.