Professor Cornelius Ampleforth brings the goods with this magnum size bottle of bathtub gin.

The professor could school other distillers with this award-winning bottle, which has collected accolades from the likes of the International Spirits Challenge, the International Wine & Spirits Competition, and the World Gin Awards.

How did this gin get the great grade? Well, it all starts with a copper pot-still of the highest caliber. Then the master distiller adds the perfect formula of spices ranging from orange peel to cloves with the essential juniper, and shortly after, you’ve got an irresistible spirit on your hands. One that lets the rich grain flavors come through along with the juniper.

We’ll go ahead and give this gin bonus points too for the bottle’s brown paper packaging, which makes the spirit look like it came from an underground chemistry lab during prohibition. My grade for this gin: an easy A+.