Yeah, sorry for that pun, and what’s to come.

Cutting citrus fruits. It’s quick and easy. Until, the knife is blunt. Then life has really given you lemons. By the time, you’ve tortured the fruit in half, (what did it ever do to you!), there’s more blood and juice on the cutting board than in the fruit.

Luckily this Jackson Cannon knife is designed to prevent this frustrating situation for as long as possible. Its stainless steel blade is cryogenically treated to maintain a razor sharp cutting edge over the course of plenty of cocktails. The blade tip is squared off too, so it’s perfect for coaxing out fruit seeds or notching fruit with finesse.

The knife is arguably superior to others behind the bar. It’s produced by R Murphy Knives, a company with roots dating back to 1860, so they’ve probably gotten a little sharper over the years when it comes to making these products. Not to be blunt, or make puns, or anything.