The dreaded Non-Twist Bottle Cap strikes again as hands quiver in fear—terrified to make a second attempt at a skin-ripping opening. With a wicked chortle, the Non-Twist Bottle Cap prevents the goods from flowing. Evil prevails yet again. The havoc stricken hands scatter about counters, cabinets, even risking not returning by venturing into the endless abyss of forbidden land known as the couch cushion. All in search of a hero to release the liquids so the people may drink. *Queue appropriately dramatic instrumental theme song* Our hero has no cape or outlandish superpowers, but our hero does have quite the intimidating name. The Decapitator, sent by Corkcicle headquarters, saves the day! With jaws of steel and perfectly adapted to defeat the Non-Twist Bottle Cap, the Decapitator clamps down until the cap releases its grip by use of magnetic force. Simply place our hero over the bottle, press down, and the magnetic feature lifts the cap and keeps it in place for easy disposal. Never again will darkness shade the land of those who simply want to sip on an ice-cold beer (or other bottled beverages!).


Available for $19.95