The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and, of course, drinking a little more than most of us do the other 11 months. All that revelry, of course, means that it’s the time of year when we witness more drunk driving fatalities than any other. Thankfully, we now have Alcohoot to help stop that.

Alcohoot harnesses the power of police-grade technology, combining it into a slick smart-phone breathalyzer that fits snuggly in your pocket, handbag or purse. Using an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor, you can track your body’s reaction to alcohol, become a smarter drinker, and realize when you’ve had enough for the night.

The best part is how simple it is to use this guy. Plug the device right into your headphone jack, and voila, you are ready to breathalyze.

The Alcohoot app gives you actionable feedback on your drinking habits so you can make more proactive choices moving forward. You can discover your limits and become more responsible, enabling you to make safer, more informed decisions when you drink. All of which means that you, and everyone else on the road, can remain safe.

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