Bikes are awesome in nearly every single way, the only problem is they lack one ability. Did you know that most bikes are allergic to wine?

Today I want to introduce the solution to this problem. Dear Biker, allow me to initiate the beginning of a friendship between your bike and wine, because that allergy can get stuffed. In fact, I can confidently tell you that you’re about to have the coolest bike in town. No, seriously.

Please give a warm welcome to ‘oopsmark’, the geniuses who just took bikes and wine to a whole new level of unity. To be honest, it’s pretty simple – a gorgeous handmade leather bike strap that will keep your wine safely in place under your bike frame. It attaches with complete ease to 99% of bikes and its antique brass fasteners give a off a gleaming statement of fashion only enhanced by the tanned leather that keeps looking better with age.

Strap, click, peddle and wine on my friend, wine on….