St Patrick’s Day is upon us and while many will be cheersing the night away by clinking pint glasses full of Guinness, who says we can’t also celebrate by enjoying the splendors of Irish whiskey?  Whether you sip them neat, in an Irish coffee, or any way you want it, sit back and relax with these absolutely delicious whiskies.  Sláinte! 

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $59
Score: 93 Pts
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Soaring out of the glass of this fine single pot still whiskey are vivid aromas of dried citrus peel, cloves, nutmeg and chestnut.  On the palate it has an oily character as it expresses notes of lemon zest, marzipan, and a smooth finish of cream and cinnamon.  –JA

Tullamore D.E.W. 10 Year Old Single Malt

Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $40
Score: 94 Pts
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A true statement of just how much complexity Irish whiskey can have, on the nose this presents notes of dried pineapple, vanilla flower, apricot, and toasted sugar.  On the palate it is rich with flavors of fruit cake, fig, and a touch of oloroso sherry from its barrel aging.   –JA

Connemara Peated Single Malt

Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $40
Score: 93 Pts
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A rare peated style Irish whiskey, this announces itself with perfumes of spiced apple, honey, and vanilla custard.  Unlike most Irish whiskey, this is double distilled and proves a perfect balance of peat and malt with its creamy characteristics and earthy flavors of wet leaves and mushroom.  –JA

Green Spot Single Pot Still

Alcohol: 40%
Price: $60
Score: 95 Pts
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Alluring fragrances of ripe Bartlett pear, barley, and toasted wood rise from the glass as this whiskey’s full body brings on flavors of cinnamon apple, anise, and cardamom.  It lingers with a nice smooth finish of espresso beans and oak.  Simply spot-on!  –JA

Wild Geese Single Malt

Alcohol: 43% abv
Price: $73
Score: 96 Pts
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Delectably charming with aroma characteristics of dried berries, vanilla bean, and toffee.  The sweet essences on the palate are toughened up with notes of black pepper, dark chocolate, and orange zest.  Quite the dashing whiskey to sip on neat.

2 Gingers

Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $20  
Score: 91 Pts
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Rich and smooth to the touch, this zesty whiskey offers scents of honey, candied ginger, and allspice.  On the palate flavors of baked apple, citrus peel, and caramel further emphasize this whiskey’s refined character.  –JA