The Adnams name has earned its place as an excellent selection of beers since 1872. Since 2010 Adnams have been producing different kinds of spirits including this master of English whiskey’s. Produced in Southwold England, the triple malt whisky uses a trio of malted grains wheat, barley and oats that will have you speaking with an English accent after the first sip.

The English seem to like something American after all. Even if they like cricket better than baseball, Adnams mature their whiskey in American oak casks for five years before bottled and distributed. Now that sounds like a home run. The scent of toasted coconut and the taste of chocolatey, bubble-gum give this whiskey a rich long lasting finish, making it a true grand slam. Plus, this whiskey is probably cheaper than a ticket at Fenway today anyways.

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