Here at Drink Me, we’ve noticed the whiskey, Tincup is winning awards, garnering excellent reviews and securing a ubiquitous presence in on-premise locations across the country as well as retail stores. Curious as we are, we pondered from where did the name Tincup arise? Here’s what we found out.

Tincup Whiskey embodies the spirit, romance and heritage of the great outdoors. It was created to reward a day filled with extraordinary mountain moments but there’s a good reason for that connection.The whiskey salutes its heritage with its rugged hexagonal bottle embossed with mountain references.

Tincup Whiskey takes its title from Tincup, Colorado, an old mining town set on the Western Slope of Colorado. The town is named after  the tin cups the resident workers drank their whiskey from following a day down in the depths of the Rocky Mountains.

Tincup is a classic American whiskey with a bourbon-style profile. Using a blend of midwestern rye, corn and malt, the whiskey is aged in American white oak barrels and cut with Rocky Mountain water. This is a high rye mash bill with spice and pepper, balanced with sweeter notes from bourbon.

Jess Graber began distilling over 40 years ago after he was gifted a 10-gallon still. A true American mountain man, Graber ran a construction company, rode rodeo and volunteered as a firefighter before he created Tincup Whiskey.

This has a 42% ABV, and is available nationally with a suggested retail price of $28 for 750ml. To learn more, visit:

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