Snow blizzard on the East Coast, National Hot Buttered Rum Day and Wilbur Scorville’s 151st  birthday – now that just screams for a cocktail. The Mixology Group and Drink Me present to you “the Scoville Hot Buttered Rum”, a fiery twist on a rich, creamy toddy to put warmth in your heart and some hairs on your chest!

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The Scoville Hot Buttered Rum

Brown Sugar
Habanero Spiced Sugar (available from Burning Desire Foods)
Dark Rum
A Cinnamon Stick (Garnish)
Nutmeg (Garnish)

Heat the 1 stick of butter slowly in a small pan on a low heat, add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar, 2 teaspoons of allspice and 1 teaspoon of habanero sugar. Continue to heat and stir until silky in consistency. This should yield about 25ml (1 shot) of buttery mixture. Pour the hot butter mixture into a heat proof glass and then top up with 2 shots of your dark rum. Top up with boiling water and give a quick stir. Garnish with some grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick serve up and enjoy!

Caution: We know you’re all sensible adults but this drink does involve hot liquids and alcohol so please take care when handling the goods!