Tequila fanatics will absolutely adore this varietal, while tequila haters finally have one they can sip to enjoy. A tequila so exquisite that it captivates the taste buds with that distinctive tequila taste causing faces to squint since the 16th Century but with a dash of salty sweetness mixed in to hopefully lessen the squinting. No need for salt, but the lime is up to you.

Firebox comes roaring in with a stunning taste combination that is oh so common but has never dared to mess with a historic stand-alone spirit until now. The Roar is a salted caramel flavored tequila. Combining the classic sweetness of caramel and toffee with a pinch of salt to the mellow smokiness of the tequila creates a decadently smooth spirit that is exceptionally slammable. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or maybe even as a dessert substitution. The Roar is the perfect adult way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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