In 1887 the Mitchell family entered the whiskey bonding business. They sent empty wine, sherry, and port casks to the local Jameson Whiskey distillery to be filled with whiskey, and returned to the Mitchell cellar warehouse.  This richly aged whiskey was then sold under the “spot” name, so called for the colored spots that the Mitchell’s used to differentiate the age of their whiskeys.

Re-launched in 2012, Yellow Spot Whiskey is aged for twelve years using the intriguing combination of American Bourbon, Spanish Malaga, and Spanish Sherry casks. Previously offered only in select European countries, this premier Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has recently become available state-side, following in the footsteps of the highly lauded Green-Spot Single Pot Still Whiskey.

With a robust flavor profile characteristic of a Single Pot Whiskey, Yellow Spot Whiskey in sweet enough, spicy enough, and earthy enough to satisfy the preference of any whiskey drinker.

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Price: $99.99