If you’re a fan of Russell’s Reserve collection from the father and son dream team of Jimmy and Eddie Russell, we’ve got some news for you! The same quality and flavor you love will now have a slightly different look to it. There is now new packaging for the line of small batch Bourbons and Ryes. The Russell’s decided their award-winning drinks needed packaging that truly embody the family heritage from which the Bourbons and Ryes stem from and the stellar craftsmanship that goes into producing each bottle. Now on the bottle you will find visually enticing graphics and lettering that convey the unique attributes of the bottle you’re about to purchase. Jimmy and Eddie’s story is displayed front and center alongside their respective signature of approval. The packaging also includes the new logo of an American White Oak tree emblem with the brand name across the middle, the cartouche has been changed from “Jimmy Russell” to “Russell’s Family Reserve” to incorporate the family tradition, and a new rustic label. Now go fetch your newly beautified bottle.


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