If you’re a an old school spirits fan, you might want to sit down, because we may have just found the coolest Christmas accessory you’ve ever laid your eyes upon.

Imagine a world where people could celebrate their Christmas meal while being presented with some of the most delicious festive spirits of the world. Well, we’ve found it.

Drink By The Dram have once again released their Festive Christmas Crackers, stuffed with generous samples of Bathtub Gin, Arran Whiskey, Rumbullion, Smooth Amber Bourbon and Professor Cornleius Ampleforth’s Cherry Brandy. There’s no room for toe nail clippers, irritating puzzles and plastic combs here, each festive tipple adds a little more festive joy to your hohoholiday spirit and Christmas fulfillment. You’ll find no bah humbugs here, get in the spirit, with the spirit and add a little more excitement to your Xmas festivities.